Planeta Winemaker Dinner October 27th, 2016


We are pleased to present a night of wine and food with our guest Elvira Cascavilla from the Planeta winery in Sicily on October 27, 2016!

Join us for an intimate four course dinner prepared by Chef Steven Dowdell and hosted by Elvira Cascavilla.   There are a very limited number of spots available so don’t hesitate to make your reservation.

Planeta was founded in the 1990’s by cousins Alessio, and Santi Planeta and their uncle Diego Planeta, who was already famous in Sicily for his trail-blazing role at the well-respected Settesoli wine cooperative, decades before Planeta as we know it burst onto the wine scene. Diego´s daughter Francesca later joined the company and is now a key integral figure. While relatively new as a commercial winery, the family´s beloved Ulmo estate dates back centuries. Today it is a treat to visit with its vast vineyards, ancient olive groves and ruins of an Arab castle. Planeta in fact have become almost as famous for their olive oils (made with the Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla olives) as for their wines.

Limited seating

October 27, 2016 at 7:00 pm
$100 per person + tax/gratuity

Make your reservation online now or call us at (403) 264-6046 to book your table

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